Welcome to Kali-Lontayao

Kali is an old, traditional martial art from the Philippines.
The fighters use fire hardened rattan sticks. Its roots go back to the time before Chinese; Spanish and Viking invaders came to the islands.
Kali is an efficient self-defence art with or without weapons.
It is a physical and spiritual unit with soft and hard aspects.
The instruction combines elements which are playful and rhythmic.
Kali offers training in co-ordination, grounding, demarcation, readiness and responsibility.

Since his childhood Professor Tom Esser has studied different martial arts such as judo, Karate, Jeet Kune Do.
30 years ago he discovered "his martial art" and since then he has trained Kali exclusively.
He is a black belt of the seventh degree and he represents the Lontayao Martial Art Organization (LMAO) in Germany.
His training for beginners takes place twice a week. Beside that occasionally there are seminars with pupils from all over Germany.